Ophthalmologist Office in Waldorf

Ophthalmologist Office in Waldorf

Retinal Surgery in Waldorf

There are some problems for which only surgery is an effective method for dealing with it. That is true of retinal tears and detachments. The good news is that when you come to The Retina Group of Washington for our expert help, you can depend on benefiting from the state-of-the-art in technology and the the latest equipment, which our retina surgeon uses to effect a positive outcome.

The distinction between a retinal tear and detachment is that when it is torn, it is still physically attached to the rest of the eye, while detachment means that retinal tissue has become fully separated. Both need to be assessed and treatment promptly. When you are examined at our ophthalmologist office in Waldorf, a determination is made on whether there is a tear or detachment, and then which form or forms of surgery are going to be most appropriate given your individual situation and unique set of circumstances. Your retina is indispensable to your vision, and it is the priority of our ophthalmologist office in Waldorf to make it possible for your retina to heal efficiently so that you do not experience any permanent loss of vision or damage to the retinal tissue. There are a variety of procedures that can be employed toward that goal. Our retina surgeon will discuss which options are most applicable and why they are being recommended. It is not uncommon to combine two or even more than two separate procedures to improve the chances of success. Of course, your current state of health, medical history, heredity, and other possible risk factors may play roles in which surgeries are advisable and how effective they are likely to be.

Please reach out to our ophthalmologist office in Waldorf so that we can make an appointment for you to come in right way and begin the process of getting the care you need.

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