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Adult retina care in Waldorf

Your eye health in general is about as important a topic as there is, and your retinas in particular need to be protected and looked after in order to support optimal ocular wellness. Here at The Retina Group of Washington, we’re not just eye specialists; we’re retina specialists. And we’re not just any retina specialists, but ones who are at the forefront of continued research and advanced, having spent decades in helping valued patients just like you. So when it comes to retinal injuries or diseases of the retina, you know that you can depend on us.

The complete list of all possible retinal concerns would fill way more space than we have right here. But the most common retinal diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, are among the issues that our retina doctor in Waldorf expertly diagnoses, evaluates, treats, and provides ongoing care for. It’s important to keep in mind that such conditions are devoid of any normal early warning symptoms. You could have the disease and not even be aware of it until it reaches an advanced stage. By then, the possibility of serious damage and irreversible vision loss is much greater. Screenings should be done yearly. And if you are diagnosed with a retinal disease, or if you notice one of a variety of related symptoms, such as spots in your field of vision, blurry vision, loss of vision to any degree or in the center of your visual field, make sure that you reach out to us for prompt attention from our retina doctor in Waldorf. You can also trust us for treatment of retinal tears, detachments, and other injuries. Our methods of care include both non-invasive and surgical solutions, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the problem.

Just know that our retina doctor in Waldorf is prepared to help. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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